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  • Unscured Financing

    Unsecured loans that can be used for anything. We have a great source that provide great rates, payment plans and cash bonuses for applying.

  • Acquisition Financing

    Loans - some SBA backed - for someone seeking to fund the purchase of a business that has positive cash flow backed by tax returns.

  • Other Financing

    Loans for expansion, equipment lease financing and factoring inventory / receivables. Highly competitive rates suited to your needs.


  • NAABB Network

    The lending network NAABB Certified Brokers trust to fund their business buyers and earn their commission on the sale of a business. .

  • Real Lending

    The network only uses trusted lenders with the highest ratings in satisfaction and ease of process. We assure you of no pretender lenders here.

  • No Fees

    We do not charge borrowers and the lenders pay our fees. You may have lenders charging a processing fee to put your loan together - if you agree to it.

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From Acquirion Founder Scott Radin

Right out of college I began working the title insurance industry and stayed there for 13 years however in 1999 my title company, Land America Title, downsized and laid off regional managers. I was one of the ones let go and I must admit that I was angry at the world. It turned out to be the break in my life that we all have at some point in time.

So, I developed a sales and marketing company (A.S. Radin & Associates) that still exists today. By 2001, I was brokering businesses and providing broker training throughout the world. In the 17 years since, I have used my vast experiences to develop North America’s premier business brokerage firm at the North American Alliance of Business Brokers. We are not only the most sought after business brokers, we are also considered the industry pioneer.

Acquirion provides you the top financing sources used by business brokers and business buyers throughout North America. These are the same sources our100+ brokers use at the North American Allaince of BUsiness Brokers.